How to apply for the CashMate Financial® personal loan?

If you have an emergency or a surprise bill to pay, CashMate Financial® can help you with that. Learn now how to get fast access to a CashMate Financial® loan and pay it back on your next payday!


by Aline Augusto

01/05/2022 | Updated on 09/20/2022

Applying for CashMate Financial® personal loan

See how to apply online. Source: CashMate Financial®.
See how to apply online. Source: CashMate Financial®.

Are you a resident of Saskatchewan? And do you need to borrow up to $1,500 for an emergency or pay a bill? If you have responded yes to these questions, you may qualify for a CashMate Financial® personal loan.

This lender is one of the cheapest in the province in Canada, and you can get really fast access to the money you need.

Also, the application can be done through your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. All you need to do is certify that you share your contact and personal information, as well as your bank account.

Plus, you won’t be charged for paying early. But other fees may apply. Learn more about it by reading the conditions when applying for this loan.


Personal Loan

CashMate Financial®

Online Low costs

Fast access to funds through an straightforward application.

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Apply online

 Find out how the application process works! Source: Canva.
Find out how the application process works! Source: Canva.

First of all, check out the documents and information you need to provide:

  • 1 piece of Government-issued Saskatchewan ID with proof of residency
  • The most recent pay stub
  • Employment proof
  • Bank statement and account information
  • Blank cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form

Then, access the CashMate Financial® website.

You can ask for a personal loan through their chat, phone, email, or by visiting the store.

Apply using the app

There is no mobile app available for this personal loan.

CashMate Financial® personal loan vs. Consumer Capital Canada personal loan

CashMate Financial® might be an alternative for you if you live in Saskatchewan and need to get fast access to a loan.

However, with Consumer Capital Canada personal loan you can borrow a higher amount if you need. So, see the comparison below and choose the best option for your financial needs!

CashMate Financial® Consumer Capital Canada
APROn a basis of $300 loan for 14 days: 443.21% on a rate of $17 per $100 borrowedFrom 19.99% to 34.99%
Loan PurposePersonalPersonal (medical expenses, emergency and unexpected charges, home improvement, car repair, funeral, pay off debt) 
Loan AmountsFrom $100 to $1500From $500 to $12,500
Credit NeededNot disclosedFair
TermsUp to your next paydayFrom 2 to 5 years
Origination FeeTerms and conditions apply$75
Late FeeTerms and conditions applyConditions apply
Early Payoff PenaltyNoneNone
Logo Consumer Capital Canada fundo branco

How to apply for the Consumer Capital Canada loan?

Consumer Capital Canada features a loan with reasonable rates, amounts, and terms. Learn how to get yours and take the plans off the paper!

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