Fat Cat Loans review

Find out everything you need to know about Fat Cat Loans before borrowing money from them. This honest review will arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Fat Cat Loans: Connect with willing lenders and borrow up to $50,000!

Check out our Fat Cat Loans review! Source: The Mister Finance.
Check out our Fat Cat Loans review! Source: The Mister Finance.

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to borrow money? If so, our Fat Cat Loans review may be able to provide you with the answer!

Even if you’re looking for a loan but don’t have the best credit score, Fat Cat Loans might have just what you are looking for. That’s right – even with bad credit, you can still qualify to take out a loan at Fat Cat Loans.

In this review, we’ll look at what makes Fat Cat Loans unique, different kinds of loans available, and more so that you can determine if this is the right fit for your financial needs

APRFrom 4.84% to 35.99%.
Loan PurposeYou may use your funds for any purpose.
Loan AmountsUp to $50,000.
Credit NeededAll credit types are welcome to use this service.
TermsFrom 3 to 84 months.
Origination FeeIt depends on the lender.
Late FeeSee lender terms.
Early Payoff PenaltySee lender terms.
Fat Cat loans

How to apply for the Fat Cat Loans?

Get an instant online loan through the Fat Cat loans! Check out how to get a quote and receive an instant decision!

How does the Fat Cat loans work?

Fat Cat loans is an online service that matches a customer application with a lender according to the information provided in the process. So, the Fat Cat does not lend money; it actually is a helpful intermediary. 

Usually, when you need to borrow money for an emergency, you have to do extensive online research to apply for various lenders to get an answer.

The Fat Cat does this hard work for you, then. All you have to do is get a quote through its website.

You won’t need to provide a perfect credit history during the process, too. And it is all for free. There are no hidden fees whatsoever.

Plus, you can get up to $50,000, with terms ranging from 3 to 84 months and rates from 4.84% to 35.99%.

But, note that after being connected to a lender, you have to check out the terms, fees, and conditions provided by the lender.

Fat Cat loans benefits

What are the pros to this loan aggregator service? Source: Freepik.
What are the pros to this loan aggregator service? Source: Freepik.

Usually, when you search for a lender, it takes time and effort to find the perfect one that fits your pocket. 

This loan service works as an intermediary between you and a Canadian lender. All the hard work is done by Fat Cat, which helps you find the best lender in Canada to fulfill your needs.

Furthermore, it features a straightforward online application process with no credit check required.

On the other hand, you should know that there is no guarantee that you will be accepted in the process or loan conditions will fit your profile since the lender settles the requirements.


  • It is a free, online, and straightforward loan service in Canada
  • It helps you to find the best Canadian lender for you
  • You get an instant decision
  • It doesn’t check credit
  • Loans range from $200 to $50,000, with terms from 3 to 84 months


  • Getting a quote doesn’t guarantee you will be accepted or that a lender will offer the best condition for your needs

Pre-approved credit cards for low credit score available now

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Should you apply for the Fat Cat loans? 

It is fast, easy, and free to quote through this service. Also, you won’t need to search on your own for the best lender in Canada.

Can anyone apply for a loan at Fat Cat?

You need to be at least 18 years old, a Canadian resident, with an active bank account, and a regular source of income. However, note that each lender has its requirements. When connected to a lender, make sure you meet the criteria required.

What credit score do you need for Fat Cat loans?

There is no need to present a perfect credit score to get a quote on the website. You can apply for it even if you have a bad credit history since it doesn’t check credit. But, the lender may review it.

How to apply for a Fat Cat loan?

If you need help to find a Canadian lender that fulfills your needs, Fat Cat loans can do the job perfectly. Check out how to get a quote today!

Fat Cat loans

How to apply for the Fat Cat Loans?

Get an instant online loan through the Fat Cat loans! Check out how to get a quote and receive an instant decision!

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